Deciding to get cochlear implants is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Having two implants has taken the experience to the next level — being able to hear in both ears is bilateral heaven. I have a greater sense of awareness of my surroundings and I’m able to have a conversation with ease. I need less visual information to communicate and I have a great deal more energy.

In comparison to my experience with my left ear, I’ve concluded that I am treating my right ear unfairly. I made a detailed log of my experience the first time around with the left ear. This time, each milestone is quickly noted but not cataloged. Each advancement gets a happy but swift celebratory nod. Since I’m doing so well, I’m not focused on the journey. I have to stop and think about my progress to remind myself that this should be a considerable undertaking and that it was a real struggle with my first implant. When I take a moment to consider my journey, I realize how amazingly well things are going and that this is the experience I wanted and hoped for!

Just six weeks post-activation, I started hearing speech with a high level of accuracy and with little noise. There was a slight kazoo effect that faded with each new map. With all the progress I’ve made, I’ve fallen into a normal routine both in my work and personal life, and much of what I do is easier because I can hear better.

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