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The procedure for taking our Hearing Health Self Test is simple; all you have to do is honestly answer the first 14 statements with one of four responses:

Response #1.) Almost always: 3 points
Response #2.) Half of the time: 2 points
Response #3.) Occasionally: 1 point
Response #4.) Never: 0 points

And, if you are inclined to include them, statement 15 is to be answered by a family member or close friend.

Your Score

If you scored anything but a 0 on this test (including what your family member or friend answered!), you might have a hearing loss and should schedule an appointment to see us.

Call our office at (412) 208-4451 and tell us you took our Hearing Health Self Test. We’ll be glad to schedule you for an office visit, which will include a consultation, examination, hearing screening, and review of the results… Because hearing is a wonderful gift!