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Hearing Health Self Test

Download the Printable Test

The procedure for taking our Hearing Health Self Test is simple; all you have to do is honestly answer the first 14 statements with one of four responses:
Response #1.) Almost always: 3 points
Response #2.) Half of the time: 2 points
Response #3.) Occasionally: 1 point
Response #4.) Never: 0 points
And, if you are inclined to include them, statement 15 is to be answered by a family member or close friend.

Online Hearing Test

  • Your Score

    If you scored anything but a 0 on this test (including what your family member or friend answered!), you might have a hearing loss and should schedule an appointment to see us.

    Call our office at 412.254.8942 and tell us you took our Hearing Health Self Test. We’ll be glad to schedule you for an office visit, which will include a consultation, examination, hearing screening, and review of the results… Because hearing is a wonderful gift!


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