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See what people are saying about HearWell Center

  • Thank you for the great explanations of my hearing situation and the wonderful new earpiece you made for me. As you know, I had heard about your practice through a person in our office after having been told by many, principally by my wife and children, that I should see an audiologist because I wasn’t a very good listener. Thankfully, your excellent evaluation confirmed that, though I might have incurred some damage, perhaps as a result of working near heavy equipment without protection, it was not serious enough to warrant a hearing aid. But, what I really appreciated was your explanation of the nature of the damage to make clear why certain types of sounds seemed too loud or too soft at times. I also am thankful for your recognizing the difficulty of keeping my telephone earpiece in my ear. None of the ones I’d purchased fit very well. The custom earpiece with which you fitted me works perfectly and allows me to hear better without worrying that it will fall off my ear at any time. It was a perfect solution to a common problem and I recommend it to anyone who regularly uses earbuds or other forms of headsets. Thank you for your professionalism and concern for my wellbeing.

    Dan Droz

  • Dr. Yoder has helped me and my hearing tremendously. This will tell you how much I trust, respect, and appreciate the HearWell Center: Even though I have moved from Allegheny County, I still commute more than an hour to see Dr. Yoder rather than go to any other audiologist. She demonstrates superior knowledge of audiology and is up on all the latest technological advancements. Additionally, she is extremely compassionate and really understands the challenges and difficulties facing the hearing impaired. Whenever I have needed Dr. Yoder in an emergency, she has always responded quickly and seen me as quickly as possible. Dr. Yoder and Phil are the consummate professionals and they provide excellent service at a very economical cost. I would recommend the HearWell Center to everyone in need of any audiology services.

    Eric Ash

  • I have been very satisfied with Dr. Yoder’s expertise in enabling me to hear better by skillfully adjusting my hearing aids. I purchased my aids from an ENT medical practice that specializes in hearing. After two and a half years of working with them making adjustments to my aids, I was not satisfied. The adjustments were very subjective. It seemed like I was going around in circles in a hit-or-miss process. I sought out an independent audiologist who could make the adjustment process more empirical.

    Dr. Yoder met the challenge in a very short period. She is highly professional, caring, detailed, and understanding of someone with a hearing loss. Dr. Yoder’s performance — coupled with her state-of-the-art equipment and caring staff — supports me in recommending her highly as your next audiologist.

    C.B. Yaskanich

  • Dr. Suzanne Yoder and her staff are very kind and competent. One small fact illustrates their care and devotion to details. I appreciate the fact that when I am on the phone with them, they speak slowly and clearly. I have never had to ask any member of their staff to repeat themselves.

    Rose Eckman

  • Suzanne is an extremely dedicated professional who is committed to providing superior services in the area of hearing assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. She utilizes state-of-the-art, precision hearing testing equipment that provides her with accurate, consistent test results. This allows her to provide her patients with the best audiological care possible.

    Sherman Lord, M.S.

  • Suzanne did the impossible! She was able to get my mother to not only purchase hearing aids but to wear them. Suzanne is a top-notch professional who combines expertise with a personal touch. She was not only caring to my mom during her provision of service but to the whole family. Even though my mom suffers from dementia, she still remembers Suzanne and her working with her from well over a year ago. I recommend her highly. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

    John Adams