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Hearing aid technology has truly advanced an incredible amount. Hearing aids are smaller than ever before, and work more effectively than ever before. However, no matter how sophisticated your hearing technology, there are still some listening situations where you may still encounter significant challenges hearing and understanding. Churches with high ceilings, noisy ballgames, and any place you are trying to hear a signal from a significant distance can still be difficult to hear in, even with the best hearing technology.


What is a Hearing Loop System?

Hearing Loops, along with a pair of well fit hearing aids, can change these situations and make them easier for you instead of harder. Hearing aids that are equipped with a T-coil, also known as a telecoil, can allow the user to pick up sound from an installed hearing loop. The hearing loop takes the signal from the sound source (frequently a microphone or movie soundtrack) and sends it directly into the hearing aid via the t-coil. The loop signal then eliminates the background noise in the environment and helps the person hear the looped signal over all the other sounds in the environment.

An induction loop system transmits magnetic energy to tele-coilequipped hearing aids through a wire that surrounds an audience.

The Major Advantage of a Hearing Loop System

One of the major advantages of a hearing loop is that it is truly universal technology. It does not matter what brand your hearing aid is. If you have a telecoil, you can use a hearing loop. This is why loops are so successful for public areas–because they work universally for all hearing aids with telecoils.


How do you know if a business, church or any other location has a hearing loop system?

This sign is the international symbol that a hearing loop is installed in the area for people with hearing loss. You might see this sign at an airport, a museum, a church, or a movie theater. This sign indicates that information is being broadcast through the loop for people to pick up with their hearing technology on the t-coil setting. A majority of hearing aids sold today have a telecoil installed in them. If you are not sure if your hearing aid has a telecoil, you can ask your provider and find out.

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For a more detailed review of hearing loops, please refer to http://www.hearingloop.org.