The Common Dangers of Wearing Hearing Aids with Face Masks

“Oh, no! I lost my hearing aid while removing my mask.”
“My mask is getting tangled up with my hearing aid.”

Protective masks have become an important part of everyday life, but they don’t have to get in the way of better hearing. For you and your loved ones, we’ve got quick and easy tips on wearing a face mask and hearing aids together.


Tricks for Wearing a Mask With Hearing Aids

  • Pull long hair into a bun and wrap the elastic — if it’s long and strong enough ¬— around the bun, instead of your ears.
  • Sew a button on either end of a 4-inch piece of fabric. Wrap the mask elastic around the buttons. The fabric sits at the back of your head and eases the strain on your ears.
  • Sew a button on either end of a soft headband. Position the headband above your ears and wrap the mask elastic around the buttons, removing the strain from your ears.
  • Choose masks that tie in the back. You can find videos online showing how to create your own that don’t place pressure on your ears.


Tip for Safely Removing a Mask While Wearing Hearing Aids

Take your mask off slowly and mindfully, making sure your hearing technology remains positioned in or behind your ear as intended.

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