Here at HearWell Center, we are thankful for many things but mostly we are thankful for being able to help others hear and better enjoy this holiday season. The holiday craze will soon be upon us. Those with hearing loss may find themselves struggling to hear or completely isolating themselves at family functions. If you or a loved one are experiencing hearing difficulties during the holidays there in no need to be left out of the fun again this year. Need to schedule a appointment, but reluctant? Consultations are free! We cater to the hesitant patient. Successful treatment takes time and patience and we believe in providing both. Need to schedule an appointment and aren’t sure what to do? We will walk you through it. Please call 412 271-3002 or visit our website to learn more about HearWell Center and the services we offer.
This blog posted by Suzanne Yoder, Au.D. Doctor of Audiology and owner of HearWell Center. Please visit our website for more information