When my patients are excited about their experience with hearing aids I ask them if they are willing to share this with others. Almost always they say “yes” and I believe it is because they have been profoundly changed by their hearing aids and their journey towards better hearing.

Taking the journey towards better hearing comes with its ups and downs. Some people find the journey to be trying, most find it to be challenging but worthwhile and a few find it to be easy. Ease of adaptation is affected by many factors such as personality, lifestyle, other health issues and more.

Learning to hear again and retraining your listening skills does not happen overnight. New users have to find the courage to be patient during this experience and to work closely with and audiologist especially when they are going through tough times.

I teach this to my patients (and anyone else who will listen) so that realistic expectations can be formed and good working relationships can be maintained. I suspect that many of the folks who bought hearing aids and didn’t wear them are suffering from unrealistic expectation disappointment and an unhealthy working relationship with their audiologist.

Whenever I receive permission from a patient to share their testimonials I know it will be helpful to others and therefore today’s blog is spotlighting some of the testimonials on my web page.

“On the first day (of wearing the new hearing aids) riding home with my brother and sister-in-law we noticed that my husband could hear us. We all went to lunch and my husband could hear what we were saying and he even joined in the conversation. When we got home we had the windows down and he heard the kids talking on the street, which he had never heard before.”

“It took a few weeks for my brain to adjust, but now I love them! I can’t believe how much I was missing and how much more relaxed I feel not straining to hear every word someone says.”

“Mom could hear our conversation in the car talking normally and she can now hear all of us at the table when we eat out and follow everyone’s conversation. The TV is no longer turned up as high. Makes you wonder how much she was missing before of the sounds around her.”

Excerpts from testimonials.

This blog posted by Suzanne Yoder, Au.D. Doctor of Audiology and owner of HearWell Center. Please visit our website for more information http://www.hearwellcenter.com/