As a hard of hearing audiologist, I frequently know what patients are going through in the process of accepting and adapting to hearing aids. I also know that despite the challenges of hearing with hearing aids there are wonderful rewards for those that push through and learn to use their hearing devices to treat hearing loss.

I received my first hearing aids as a young girl and over time my hearing loss became a part of me. I am thankful for my hearing aids because they sustain my independence and provide
safety. They allow me to connect with others and reduce social isolation. Without my hearing aids I cannot hear the television, the sounds of nature or talk on the phone. Nearly every aspect of my life is better because I have chosen to treat my hearing loss. I know that hearing aids are a big adjustment and support is very important. That is why I focus on counseling and spend more time up front with patients to address their concerns, expectations and the demands of their lifestyle before making recommendations.

Don’t let hearing loss hold you back. Consider improving your life. See an audiologist and begin the path to better hearing for life.

— Dr. Yoder