There are many programs that assist patients in the purchase of hearing aids.

This is not a complete list

  • Low-income programs (typically less than 200% national poverty levels). Obtain hearing aids for a greatly reduced cost HearNow, Audient, Lion’s Club, Rotary, etc. Many programs will have a 2-3 month wait time.
  • Programs for Veterans depending on service (we can help you determine your qualifications).
  • Working adults and college students may be eligible to receive assistance through the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Department of Labor in the state of Pennsylvania.
  • Children age 21 and under can obtain coverage through the Medical Assistance (ACCESS) program in the state of Pennsylvania.
  • Children can also receive special services through the school system whether public, private, or charter school.

At HearWell Center we will help you determine your qualifications for such programs and help you understand the limitations as well. Financial assistance programs will generally dictate the type of hearing aids allowed.