Mar 25, 2008 08:00 ET

National Network of Audiologists Launches Consumer Education Video Website
AuDNet, Inc.’s New User-Friendly Website Offers Consumers Information on Hearing Care, Best Hearing Aids, and Choosing an Audiologist in Neighborhoods Across the US

BURNSVILLE, MN (Marketwire – March 25, 2008) – AuDNet, Inc. — America’s Audiology Network, a national network of audiologists and Doctors of Audiology, announced today that it launched multiple videos on their consumer education website The purpose of the website is to teach consumers about quality hearing care including how to choose a competent professional and the best hearing aids. The website provides information on causes of hearing loss, complete audiology hearing tests, causes of deafness, ear doctors, the best hearing care and hearing loss treatment including hearing aids and hearing aid services.

Audiology care also includes testing for balance, dizziness, and tinnitus (noise in the ears) and the associated therapies, hearing conservation, and hearing protection among other things. The user-friendly site walks the viewer through many of the important things to consider when he, she, or a family member experiences hearing, understanding, or balance problems.

“Today over 31.5 million American’s experience some degree of hearing loss and with our aging demographic more and more American’s will experience hearing, understanding, balance, or dizziness problems. It is projected that over 78 million Americans will experience some degree of hearing loss by 2030. It is so important that consumers know not only where to find appropriate care, but also where to find the best hearing and balance care. The site ( offers an easy, fun, and accurate educational tool for consumers,” stated Kathy Foltner, Au.D. — Doctor of Audiology and CEO of AuDNet.
About AuDNet, Inc.

AuDNet, Inc. is a national network of licensed audiologists and Doctors of Audiology who are “THE Hearing Experts.” AuDNet Audiologists and Doctors of Audiology are an elite group of highly trained, educated, licensed, and experienced professionals who specialize in audiology care and rehabilitation including hearing aids. Although AuDNet audiologists can diagnose all ages, the growing aging demographic means millions more of Americans must understand who is best qualified to solve problems associated with hearing loss. To learn more about AuDNet visit or call 1-800-308-7290.

This news release posted by Suzanne Yoder, Au.D. Doctor of Audiology and owner of HearWell Center. Please visit our website for more information