Whether or not you already use hearing aids or assistive devices (or other methods) to help you hear, communication strategies can further enhance your listening experience. By following these guidelines you will improve your conversations by reducing stress, controlling your environment,and helping others understand your needs. Follow the guidelines listed below whenever possible.

  1. Avoiding Noisy or Poorly Lit areas (for example: choose a quiet restaurant over a sports bar for dinner).

  2. Plan ahead when possible for difficult situations.

  3. Explain to others how to speak to you. “I’m hard of hearing… please speak slower.” For example.

  4. Do not become distracted… pay attention.

  5. Use visual clues.

  6. Ask for information in writing when needed or written key words.

  7. Do not pretend to understand. Let the speaker know if you do or don’t understand what is being said.

  8. Take breaks when needed.

  9. Repeat important information back to the speaker to be sure you understood (e.g. time and place for meeting, phone number, etc…)

  10. Be realistic.

This was adapted from works posted on Hearing Loss Association of America’s website

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