Did you know you can go to the movies and watch the latest films captioned?

Many people are not aware that the local theaters provide captioned movies. I have enjoyed captioned movies for a number of years here in Pittsburgh, PA. The movie selection is limited and they only play the captioned movies a few days out of each month, but the experience is worth some inconvenience. It is so neat to understand every word said in the movie and just sit back and enjoy it for once. I often see the same movies twice just so I can take advantage of the opportunity.

If you want to learn more about captioned movies in the theater go to Insight Cinema http://www.insightcinema.org/ or call your local movie theater.

I encourage everyone who is interested to call their favorite theaters and let them know of your interest in captioned movies and ask for the movies you want to see. The more consumer input the theaters receive, the more likely they are to accommodate.

Don’t forget to try the hearing assistive devices at the theater, too. I’ll write more on that topic another time.