Two ears are better than one.

Hearing loss is more complicated than most people think. Your ears are an instrument that communicates to your brain the information about the auditory world around you. When your hearing is “less than perfect” the brain receives only part of the information it needs to be aware and fully comprehend what it is hearing. So, for instance…with both ears functioning you can localize the direction of sound; is it coming from the left or the right? With both ears you can pick apart the different aspects of sound; is that noise I am hearing? is someone talking to me in the car? is there a piano playing in the bar? With both ears you can understand more clearly; is that person saying “I love my cat” or “I love my hat”? With both ears you can feel more balanced and natural.

If you are unfortunately left with only one functioning ear all the above mentioned benefits are diminished or completely disappear. If you have usable hearing in both ears, use both ears and benefit fully from hearing aids.

With very few exceptions most people with hearing loss in both ears will perform better with two hearing aids.

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