Below is an explaination of how the latest in hearing device styles

Difference between a Device and a Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid (BTE)

o Usually larger than devices

o The most availability of features

o Push Buttons and V/C available

o Options to add-on unlimited (DAI, iPod, TV, Cell phone, etc)

o All options for telephone available.

o Option of Custom Earmold or slim tube fittings

o Appropriate for anyone

o The most flexible (gain)

o Wide range of prices

Device (BTE)

o Usually smallest available size

o Usually trendy in style and color

o Usually an open fit

o More limited fitting range (gain)

o Not appropriate for everyone

o Does not have buttons, switches

o Any manual controls, if available, come from remote control only

o Limited in features or add-on options

o May not have a telephone coil option

o Wide range of prices (models of Delta or Models of Audeo)